2015-2016 OUA Badminton Championships @ McMaster
Feb 19-21, 2016

The High Performance Team travelled to McMaster at the end of the Reading Week and competed against other universities for 3 days.

In multiple games, the difference was only a matter of a few points.

They came close to beating 2 strong teams, Waterloo and Ottawa.

Many players displayed their great skills and an undying fighting spirit.

In the end, York settled for the 7th spot, which is a drastic improvement from the past few years.

There's a lot of potential in the team for the next year.

Congratulations to the team for defeating Queen's!

Special Mention for 2015-2016:
Hok Poy Lo - OUA All Star
Jason Mak - OUA All Star
Head Coach: Anthony Chow
Head Coach Assistant: Andrew Phung
Coach: Ho Ming Li
Adrien Chan
Danny Chen
Huy Doan
Steven Hoong
Eric Hui
Tommy Lam
John Lau (YUBC EXEC)
Ho Ming Li (YUBC EXEC)
Mark Liu
Hok Poy Lo
Jason Mak
Jan Mascarinas
Wilson Mo
Ryan Nguyen
Bristo Rewarin
Nishal Shah
Matthew Sit
Jai Somani
Andy Sun
Michael Xiang
Gerry Zhang
Mengbo Zhang (YUBC EXEC)
Judy Cheung (YUBC EXEC)
Andrea Chin
Jade Clarke
Evita Ho
Helen Hoang
Philippa Ip (YUBC EXEC)
Lashika Katyal
Samantha Kong (YUBC EXEC)
Nikki Lin
Ingrid Liu
Daiyan Luo
Annie Luong
Mia Ma
Raha Radafshar
Vinusha Thiraviyarajah
Amanda Verar
Yuqi Wang
Yi Ting Wang

Anthony Chow
Head Coach

Andrew Phung
Assistant Head Coach

Ho Ming Li

Matthew Chan
Past Coach

High Performance Unit's Official website:

ATTENTION Competitive Badminton Players!

The “High Performance Unit” is a sub-group under YUBC. It aims to be the badminton pioneer for York and beyond. The group does not officially represent York as a varsity team; however, it operates similarly. Interested individuals must meet the required criteria, pass try-outs, and must be an official YUBC member to tryout for the unit.

      Tryouts will start in September in the Tait Mackenzie building (Keele Campus).

   Tryout Requirements:

      1) Must be a student at York University, also please bring your student card.

      2) Athletic attire and personal badminton equipment (shuttles provided)

      3) Your A-GAME!

   Selection Criteria will be based on the following assessments:

      - fitness, skill, experience, coachability, attitude, commitment

   PAST GUIDELINES: We're going to recruit approximately

      25 Males

      15 Females

      And additional players will be considered for development

Good Luck!

YUBC's "High Performance Unit"

Posted by Lylliane Nualan on September 14, 2011

The “High Performance Unit” is a newly formed sub-group under YUBC that serves as an alternative to the former Badminton
 Varsity team.

In 2010...
If you didn't already know, this year, YorkU will not have an official Badminton
Varsity team—yet despite this sad news, I dare say, don’t lose hope yet fellow baddicts!

We at the YUBC along with our Badminton varsity friends will not let the sport die down here at York. There shall be no mourning over that spanking new Yonex
racquet you bought over the summer!

After several discussions and careful planning, the YUBC executives collaborated with previous varsity leaders to found a new "High Performance Unit" that will
 take flight this year as an alternative to the former varsity team.

The High Performance Unit will be lead by previous Varsity leaders (who are experienced and certainly qualified!) and will manage the team with certified
coaches, team captains, and head director.

What this unit aims to do is to nurture players who want to take their game at
a different level. The group does not officially represent York as a varsity
team; however, it operates similarly.

In 2015

The YorkU High Performance Badminton Team holds regular team practices, social events, and regularly participate in several local, provincial,
and intra-university tournaments. Managed and coached by experienced professional coaches, the team is highly recognized on the OUA circuit.

Interested individuals must be a YorkU student to attend tryouts.

The first try-out will be on September 18th, 2015 at Tait McKenzie Upper Gym from 6:30pm – 8:30pm.

Please be prepared to bring your YorkU card as well as another proof of identification.

Candidates must be on time and be ready to participate with proper gym attire and equipments.

So if you think you have what it takes to be a part of this awesome group, by all means, come out and spread the news around!

Good luck to all participants!

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