All skill levels are welcome!

Being a YUBC Membership includes:

   -  No set-up of any equipment! (nets will be set-up by the Exec Team)

   -  Free Equipment Rentals (exchange for your YU card temporarily for a racket, nylon shuttlecocks provided)

   -  Guaranteed court playing times. (when busy, 15 minute rotations are enforced)

   -  FREE admission/discounted prices to York-exclusive/open league tournaments and events (win great prizes!)

Membership options:

   Regular Membership:

            Full Year / 2 Terms:    $15
            Half Year / 1 Term:     $10

Drop-In any time:                       $2/day

Trial:            FREE for any day

***These fees will be collected at club sessions by YUBC Executive Members,
NOT at Tait MacKenzie's front desk!

**Sign up for 'Student Basic Membership' with Tait McKenzie for free to gain access into the gym if you are an Undergraduate/Graduate student of York University.

IF you are told to pay and NOT an Undergraduate or Graduate student of YorkU, there may be other fees depending on how you are connected to YorkU (ex. YUELI students pay $30/club/4months) OR they may suggest a fee for the Fitness Room Membership Shoe Tag - that is NOT required to play at YUBC.  Clarify with the staff if you have questions!  Their refund policy is $15 per refund, and the shoe tag is $15 = $0 back.  


YUBC advises wearing proper sporting attire to the club for safety reasons:

Yes: t-shirt, shorts, sweatpants, track pants, leggings, running/sport/indoor shoes, hats (turn caps backwards)
No: jeans, long dress/skirts, boots, safety/tripping hazard items


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